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I didn’t start off the day thinking I’d tell off the bus driver. I swear.  Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve been working hard to be a really good, happy person.

I do yoga. I sing. I, of all people, now have a fucking ‘success journal’.  I treat others with compassion and understanding and I come from a place of love.

None of this comes natural to me so this is kind of a big deal.

My friends and I have had some shitty jobs, fast food chains, amusement parks, call centres, you name it. So I’m extra kind to those in the service industry. I ask my barista how she’s doing. I ask the bank teller if he’s having a good day. You get the idea.

I finish my restorative yoga class which is a lot like play school but better. I stretch, I relax so much i fall asleep.  I leave there happy as a clam.

As a side note, I’m also 5’3 and was wearing a puffy pink winter vest which makes me look like an adorable fashion victim.

At the bus stop, the bus pulls up and the six people in front of me plow on to a very full bus. There is only me and one other person waiting to get on still. The door is open and I can tell this driver is not a happy camper. She is scowling as she yells, “Everyone behind the white line. This bus isn’t going anywhere until everyone is BEHIND THE LINE.”

I assumed she was trying to make room for me and the other woman to jump on. Why? Well, That’s what usually happens. The door was still open. She hadn’t told us she couldn’t. So i tentatively put a foot on the bus and this driver screamed at me .

“No, I SAID NO. There are too many people on here as it is. Do i look like I have room for you?”

And I said, “Okay, but you don’t have to be mean about it, YOU BITCH.”

In the perfect world, if i was a perfect person coming from aforementioned ‘place of love’, I would have said something nice and caring like, “I hope your day gets better.”. I would have realized her rant had nothing to do with me and more to do with her job stress, her family, her relationship and I would have let it just roll off my shoulder.

But this is the problem, me and people like me face… when you try to be that blissful and loving all the time, sometimes you end up denying the authentic you. You internalize your anger. You smile and say something loving when you are seething inside. I do this a lot. I do it so much I have mad shoulder tension and bite marks on the side of my tongue, from literally biting my tongue!

And from the global perspective, it is not always good to let shit like this go.

I don’t want to validate her bad behaviour by doing nothing. It creates a vicious cycle of people being pricks and not being called out on it. It makes nice people who just happen to get in the way have to deal with this by either meditating on it to release the negative vibes to the universe fairies or by not letting go and chewing their tongues off.

Yelling at someone for no good reason is aggressive and abusive behaviour. And it’s very unpredictable. I don’t let my family and friends talk to me like that, so why should I let a total stranger?

So really, I swore at the bus driver for the greater good of mankind. Everyone wins. I feel great for finally speaking my mind, and now that bitch knows she was being a bitch.

Now that is something worth writing in the success journal.


Comments on: "Speaking my mind & swearing at strangers" (4)

  1. Kimberly said:

    I have done the same and I believe that I am a nice person…I have even sworn at rude people on the train.

  2. I am with you that really you were performing a public service. You deserve a fucking medal, kid.

    PS. Where’d you get your pink fluffy sweater vest? Because I want one.

  3. KATE LEINWEBER FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS PLACE MADE MY WHOLE DAY AND IT IS 7:25 AM. You crack my shit up. Please continue writing forever and ever. Also…when I took the bus here to my old job I had this bus-driver nemesis. I assumed the first time that he was having a bad day but his face would fall each time he saw me for no reason, we’d both narrow our eyes and he’d look away as I boarded, lolol. Anyway yeah keep writing. A lot.

    (M) Alex Wahlers

  4. hahaha! i used to flip out at rude people, to put them in their place. They should learn some manners! Some people really don’t have any! But… then I was just feeding fire and giving the rude pricks what they want: a dumb fight and someone to take anger out on. They can’t take my happiness anymore! So, in the case of dicks like this, I STILL don’t let it go (I stand up for so much that I never sit down), but I’ll make them see how rude they are, by saying something like “You look like YOU have room for a smile, there, little lady!” or “Take a load off, old gal, I’ll drive big bertha here for a few blocks”, or even better “This sucks! At least you still have room for that pineapple up your ass. Hope it works out for ya, sugartits.”
    Making people see how silly they are is fun…and makes others laugh, too… and you still come out on top, peaceful!
    fuck meditation, you are funny as hell. use it!

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